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Airway Awareness Children's Airway First Foundation

Taking on the challenge of children's airway health is a daunting task. To help achieve our goal of educating pediatric professionals, educators, and parents, the Children's Airway First Foundation is working with the Foundation for Airway Health, the Sleep Education Consortium, and The LifeGuard Approach™

How does our collaboration make sense? Well, in 2017, the American Dental Association (ADA) acknowledged the connection between dental health and sleep-related breathing disorders (SRBD). Additionally, the ADA outlined the role pediatric dentists play in treating SRBD as over 90% of children with crooked teeth or malocclusion have compromised breathing.


Thus, pediatric dentists and hygienists are on the frontline of being able to identify a child with potential airway issues --- potentially preventing life-long health problems. 

The LifeGuard Approach™ is proud to be working with these organizations to promote better breathing and better sleep for children around the globe.

Airway First Podcast Episode
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