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As a dental hygienist, patient-health advocate, and wellness coach, Cris has been recognized for leveraging science-based evidence in patient-centered care. By shifting my thinking, messaging, and clinical habits, she developed a new science-based wellness program in 2001. This approach improved the health and wellness of her patients and generated more revenue for our patient-centered practice at the office of Dr. Brian McKay in Seattle, WA.


After four decades in patient care, Cris founded The LifeGuard Approach™, which encourages team members to appreciate the benefits of shifting their mindset from calculus removal to oral systemic health. She strives to be an “architect of change” for dentistry and medicine’s approach to health.


She also actively participates in various professional associations and is on the advisory boards of the Children’s Airway First Foundation (CAFF), the Oral Cancer Cause, and Dental Entrepreneur Woman (DEW). She was a founding board member of the International Association of Ozone in Healthcare & Dentistry (formerly, IAOHD), as well as, the former oral-wellness liaison for the Bale Doneen Method. Cris recently became a support coach for Inspired Hygiene.

Cris currently resides in Arizona. Additional information about Cris, her work, and speaking engagements can be found on

Cris Duval, RDH

(425) 445-7944

Cris Duval, RDH

Break out of the mouth! Discard old, limiting beliefs and protocols and 
embrace a new message and technology.

Become a LifeGuard for Your Patient
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