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dental articles and research
Articles and White Papers

Ongoing education is one of the main requirements to being an effective LifeGuard for your patients. Stop relying upon old information and outdated technology and discover a new approach to patient-care through educational research, reports, and clinical studies. Incorporate this information into your ongoing strategy for making lasting changes in how you approach patient-care and grow your practice of being a LifeGuard for your patients.

LifeLines Newsletter
LifeLines Newsletter

LifeLines is our monthly newsletter and is a great resource for new resources and update-to-date industry information that will help you to become a better LifeGuard for your patients. LifeLines will introduce you to industry LifeGuards, share their experiences, and help you discover tips and tools they use to become the best possible LifeGuard for your patients.

dental videos books and podcasts
Videos and Book Recommendations

There are so many books and videos available to help develop, build, and guide your path as a LifeGuard for your dental patients. Here you will find our all-time favorites as well as some of the most current and updated books and videos that offer tips, tools, and protocols you can incorporate into your practice immediately.

The LifeGuard Approach Blog
Take a Dip in the Pool: Our Blog

As a LifeGuard, you are always on duty...and so are we! Our blog will provide insights, tips, and general information that will help support your new approach to patient-care. Here you will find interviews, book reviews, personal observations, and so much more. These blogs make quick work of learning something new, making it easy for you to discover and enhance your continuing LifeGuard education.

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