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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Continuing education is one way to become a strong LifeGuard for your patients. Reading is a great resource for educational growth and development, so today, we're going to take a look at the book, The Dental Diet by Dr. Steven Lin.

The Dental Diet by Dr Steven Lin

Dental health has long been thought of as being a reflection of our overall health. However, in his book, Dr. Lin challenges us to think about our dental health as being the foundation for our overall health, and not a side-effect of it.

Did you know that dental disease began after the industrial revolution? Prior to that, we ate diets that supported our bodies and our oral health. How much of an impact does our current diet have on our health?

  • 42% of kids develop cavities in their baby teeth

  • an estimated 4-million kids in the US wear braces due to crooked teeth

  • the number of people wearing orthodontics doubled between 1982 and 2008

Those are staggering statistics! What if we could guide our patients to improve their oral health and thus, improve their overall health? This is the basis of Dr. Lin's book.

Dental school teaches how to treat problems, but not why they occur or how to prevent them.

As LifeGuards, it is our job to guide our patients and protect their overall long-term health. The first step is by educating them on oral health --- which is more than just brushing and flossing regularly. Guide your patients in proper eating habits, encourage them to have a healthy sleep routine, and take time to listen to their breathing and feedback on any stressors they are experiencing in their lives.

Learning to treat the patient as a whole, with oral health at the base, is what being a LifeGuard is all about.

The Dental Diet by Dr Steven Lin

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